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Waterbury Record: Northern Reliability moves into the future

Waterbury based company finds a hot market for energy storage systems

By Mike Verillo | Waterbury Record Dec 5, 2019

"Inside a nondescript building on Demeritt Place in Waterbury, a large whiteboard covers most of an office wall. Scrawled in blue, green, purple and brown markers are more than a hundred names and numbers, ranging from a couple of hundred thousand to over a billion.

Add them all up, and the total is over $13 billion.

That’s the potential market that Northern Reliability sees, and “we’re just at the tip of the iceberg,” said company CEO Jay Bellows."

Read the full article on the Waterbury Record website: https://www.vtcng.com/waterbury_record/news/local_news/northern-reliability-moves-into-the-future/article_b525ea6e-1778-11ea-9a96-4bd5b307aea4.html

Photo credit: Gordon Miller

This post's information is from the Waterbury Record.

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